We are a full service provider.

The accepted standard of practice in the retail gun business is poor service and a bad attitude. This atmosphere is especially prevalent with respect to government mandated paperwork that doesn’t involve a gun sale. At Rocklin Armory not only do we perform these services… we perform them with a smile. Customer service starts at the front door regardless of why you walked in.


We offer limited gunsmithing services. We will install aftermarket sights and cleaning of your firearms.

PPT – Private PartyTransfer

We will perform private party firearms transactions according to the Department of Justice and ATF regulations. The fee is $35.00 and $10.00 for each additional firearm. Read More

Out of State Transfer

Any firearm owner who moves into California on or after January 1, 2014 is deemed a “personal firearm importer.” Within 60 days, the person must sell or transfer the firearm through a licensed dealer or to a sheriff or police department, or provide a report to DOJ regarding the firearm. The form requires the firearm owner to expressly authorize DOJ to perform a background check to determine the owner’s firearm eligibility using all relevant state and federal databases, including the federal NICS database. The form also requires the firearm owner to certify that he or she understands that if the results of this check reveal that he or she is ineligible either to lawfully possess or purchase firearms, he or she must relinquish any and all firearms in his or her possession. Although the form does not specify the time period during which the person must then relinquish his or her firearms, presumably he or she must do so immediately, since his or her possession of those firearms is at all times unlawful. Read More

FSC Certificate

We offer gunsmithing services. We have a certified gun smith on staff. We can enhance your triggers, install sights, repair your weapons, detail stripe down and cleaning services. Read More


We can receive firearms from local or out of state Federal Firearms dealers. Please call us first to make sure the firearm is California compliant.

Special orders

We will special order almost any accessory, ammunition , or parts you may need.

Training Classes

We offer CCW classes for Placer County and Sacramento County through Protection Plus Tactics. We also offer individual or group training classes from the basics to advanced tactical training.

Consignment Sales

We offer consignment services for your firearms. We will do all of the required state and federal paper work when we consign a firearm for you. Our consignment fees vary depending if you use the balance toward another firearm or if we write you a check. We also advertise our consignment guns on the internet gun websites.