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Rocklin Armory is founded on customer service. Our staff has many years of military, law enforcement and retail experience.  We are laser focused on making sure you have the best shopping experience of any gun store in the area. We were established in 2015. We have built a loyal customer base through our customer service. We are a Smith & Wesson and Walther law enforcement dealer. We fully support our law enforcement and military personnel.


Rocklin Armory has teamed with the finest CCW, Tactical and Home Defense trainer in the area Protection Plus Tactics. Whether you are a first time gun owner needing a gun safety course or a seasoned veteran wanting advanced training we have the class for you!


Rocklin Armory happily performs Private Party Transfers (PPT), and out of state transfers. On our staff we have DOJ Certifed instructors for the Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC) which is required for any firearms transaction.

Repairs and Tuning

Rocklin Armory is staffed with skilled Glock, Smith&Wesson, AR and 1911 platform armorers. We install, tune, and troubleshoot triggers, sights, and high performance kits from ZEV, APEX and other manufacturers


We are a full service provider.

Our company is founded on customer service. We will go the extra mile to ensure we help you select the proper firearm for your needs. We will take the time to answer any questions you have about firearms, ammunition or gun laws. Customer service starts the  second you step into our store.

PPT – Private PartyTransfer

Private party transfers by law must be through a licensed dealer.

Transfers between parent / child, grandparent / grandchild, or inheritances are not handled through a dealer as private party transfers. Click here to open the CA DOJ intra-familial form. Read the instructions on the back to determine if this applies to your situation. If it applies to you, follow the instructions to complete your transfer.

The PPT fees are set by State law. As of November 2011 the fees are set at $35.00. Read More

Out of State Transfer

Any firearm owner who moves into California on or after January 1, 2014 is deemed a “personal firearm importer.” Within 60 days, the person must sell or transfer the firearm through a licensed dealer or to a sheriff or police department, or provide a report to DOJ regarding the firearm. The form requires the firearm owner to expressly authorize DOJ to perform a background check to determine the owner’s firearm eligibility using all relevant state and federal databases, including the federal NICS database. The form also requires the firearm owner to certify that he or she understands that if the results of this check reveal that he or she is ineligible either to lawfully possess or purchase firearms, he or she must relinquish any and all firearms in his or her possession. Although the form does not specify the time period during which the person must then relinquish his or her firearms, presumably he or she must do so immediately, since his or her possession of those firearms is at all times unlawful. Read More

FSC Certificate

In most cases a Firearms Safety Certificate must be presented when purchasing a gun in California. CCW holders, law enforcement, etc are exempt from this requirement. We are certified to give the test and issue an FSC. Click the link below for the up to date FSC study guide. Read More


About Us

Terry Fong (Owner)

I have managed auto parts stores for 25 years. I owned a Corvette performance shop in Roseville for 13 years. I had 21 years with the Sacramento Police department as a reserve officer. Been involved with 3 other FFL dealerships. All of my businesses were driven with the main focus on customer service.

Bryson Welsh

Liam Konschuh

Andrew Gutierrez

Adam Petrul

Luke Small



Our consignment inventory changes rapidly. Please call us with what you are looking for.

We will accept your firearm for consignment sale. The consignment fee is 15% of the selling price when the balance is applied toward another firearm. The consignment fee is 25% if the seller wants a check for the balance. All consignment firearms will be entered into the department of justice acquisition system. All firearms must be held for 30 days before selling as per DOJ. If a consignor wishes to get the weapon back a new (Dros) dealer record of sale must be performed and the mandatory 10 day waiting period. There is a $25.00 fee.


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