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Just in! Our Springfield Armory stocking order has arrived!

Training, CCW


Rocklin Armory has teamed with the finest CCW, Tactical and Home Defense trainers in the area. Whether you are a first time gun owner needing a gun safety course or a seasoned veteran wanting advanced training we have the class for you!

Repairs and Tuning

Rocklin Armory is staffed with skilled Glock, Smith&Wesson, AR and 1911 platform armorers. We install, tune, and troubleshoot triggers, sights, and high performance kits from ZEV, APEX and other manufacturers


Rocklin Armory happily performs Private Party Transfers (PPT), and out of state transfers. On our staff we have DOJ Certifed instructors for the Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC) which is required for any firearms transaction.

A few firearms we've built or customized

Dlask .38 Super Comp Gun
Springfield Armory Scout
Custom Spikes AR CQB w ACOG

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

If you’re a procrastinator like Douglas Adams, this quote probably made you laugh. Do not procrastinate.... get your handgun or rifle today before it's too late!

Our Story

Walter: My father was raised on a farm in northwestern Pennsylvania. His first love has always been shooting sports and guns. My earliest memories center around learning to shoot our Sheridan Blue Streak air rifle. I have always been a gun and shooting sports enthusiast. I purchased my first rifle, a Winchester model 94 in 30.30, from Coast to Coast Hardware at the Fairway Park Shopping center in Hayward circa 1978, I still shoot that gun :) - well mom had to do the paperwork... $89.95 plus a box of shells!

Terry: I have always had a passion for firearms starting with my first cap gun. My first "real" gun was a Ruger Mark I .22 caliber target pistol. My next gun was a .45acp Colt Gold Cup 1911 target pistol. I was a reserve police officer for the Sacrmamento Police Department for 21 years. I was a certified range master. I helped train and qualify our reserves on the SW model 15, then on the Sig Sauer pistols and the Remington 870 shotgun. Opening Rocklin Armory, this is my third Federal Firearms license business I have been involved in.

About Rocklin Armory

Rocklin Armory was founded in 2015 by two friends, Terry Fong and Walter Ford. We are decicated to taking customer service to the highest level!

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